New Poll + Malick Results

With the big Star Wars news this week, I thought it would be worth putting together a poll. There’s a slight Natalie spin on it, nudging the poll into on topic territory.

The Star Wars 7 poll

Now for the results of our Malick follow up poll. You guys were more interested in Untitled than you were the other Malick-Natalie film, Knight Of Cups. So we wanted to know why?

The overwhelming reason, with almost half the votes, was that Natalie looks like she has a bigger part in Untitled. To see how the other answers panned out, hit the jump for the full results.

Why are you more excited for the new Untitled Terrence Malick film?

It looks like Natalie has a bigger part – 42.1% (69 votes)

I’m a fan of the blonde, sexy look she’s got going for the film. – 15.2% (25 votes)

I voted for Knight Of Cups – 12.2% (20 votes)

Michael Fassbender – 11% (18 votes)

Ryan Gosling – 8.5% (14 votes)

The story and backdrop of the music scene sounds more interesting. – 7.9% (13 votes)