It’s time for another round of mini updates. Have at it.

– A little known actor tweeted that he was going to be shooting with Natalie for Malick. Could this mean she’s not in the UK? Did the actor just assume that because Natalie is in the film she’d be on set? Did he confuse Rooney Mara for Natalie? Or is he just talking out of his ass? Based on his background image, that last option is looking a good bet.

– Now for a creepy list from Complex Magazine – the 20 Hottest Virgins from Film and TV. Natalie makes the list, but I won’t spoil where and which character. Okay, it’s not Mathilda so you can all breathe easy on that one.

– Finally, Aurore found a Natalie film montage that was made with a lot of skill. Bonus points for not including anything from Where The Heart Is 😉