Untitled Tidbits

All I want for Christmas is the Untitled Malick film to be given a title. I’m so tired of calling it the “other Malick film” or “formerly titled Lawless”.

While Malick ponders that, a poster called Gorghast, over on Hollywood Elsewhere, clarified a few things about the project. He sounds like he might know what he’s talking about.

He says that Natalie’s role in Knight Of Cups is supporting, which we knew anyway. But he says that the second film is an ensemble piece (and called it “Closer-like”) with Natalie, Fassbender, Mara and Gosling being the core stars. He thinks that their parts are too crucial and intertwined that none of those actors will be cut from the final edit.

Sounds good, although maybe he underestimates what Malick can do in the editing bay. Adrian Brody thought he was the star of The Thin Red Line and barely showed up in the final version.

Finally, he also confirms what we felt to be true, that Natalie has finished her work on the project.