Rate The Other Woman + Jane Synopsis Results

If you’re new, in the past we have done polls to determine what Natalie’s fans think of her films. These results then get averaged out and placed on that film’s filmography page, along with the similar average rating from IMDB users and Rotten Tomato critics.

There’s been enough time to take in Natalie’s last batch of films, so here we go again…

Rate The Other Woman

That’s looking into the past and now we look to the future as Natalie’s next film, Jane Got A Gun, was handed a synopsis that threw a few people, myself included. Based on the voting, if the film is similar to the tone of the synopsis, the filmmakers haven’t got anything to worry about, because the results were overwhelmingly positive.

The Jane Got A Gun synopsis makes the film sound…

Fun and exciting – 57.6% (68 votes)

I never put much stock in synopses – 27.1% (32 votes)

Silly and camp – 13.6% (16 votes)