The Austin Pendleton Project

Do you know Austin Pendleton? You’d probably say no but chances are you’ve laid eyes on the main at least a few times. The man has 124 TV and film credits, but it’s his work on the stage that brought him his most success.

A new documentary, titled Where The Work Is, studies his 5 decades as an actor, which includes working with a teenaged Natalie on The Diary Of Anne Frank.

Well, if the film gets finished (they are looking for donations to help) it sounds like Natalie will be making an appearance. Here’s a Natalie quote about her former co-star…

“He seems so shy for an actor, actors are always trying to get all the attention on themselves and he was very quiet and sort of observant and then on stage he just stole the stage, always. It’s this sort of amazing duality in his personality.”