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We noticed that registrations were turned off…whoops. Not sure how long it’s been like that but now you will be able to register and stay logged in to make comments. And, remember, if you want to use an avatar just go to Gravatar, register with the same email address and upload whatever image you want.

Since I’m here…

– Banner contest will be along soon.
– We have no idea how to solve the ipad display problem. It’s like building a new car and then realizing the stereo doesn’t work. It sucks but all we can suggest is to not use the stereo.
– Ad revenue is well down so we’re trying a few things to get back to where we were. I’m not thrilled about the amount of ads on post pages but hopefully we can find a size and position that works. Please be patient.
– The annual Charlie Awards are coming together as well and will launch before the end of the month. Was a quiet year so it’s a bit of a challenge, but hopefully that forces us to be more creative.


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