Well I’m back. Sorta. I’ve managed to borrow an old laptop to tide me over until insurance can be worked out. I see I haven’t missed too much in Natland, but I have a few mini news updates worth of your attention.

– Starting with this great tweet by the writer of Jane Got A Gun.

– Next up, Ryan Gosling talks about Terrence Malick in this new article. He says that the Untitled Malick film didn’t have a script and that every day was “unlike anything”.

– Finally, it seems Chris O’Dowd is in Thor 2 afterall. There was a rumour months ago, based on a couple tweets, but when I asked my source if he was part of the cast I got a negative in response. I don’t know whether his appearance was not planned (apparently it is just a cameo) but we got that one wrong, sorry.