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Well I’m back. Sorta. I’ve managed to borrow an old laptop to tide me over until insurance can be worked out. I see I haven’t missed too much in Natland, but I have a few mini news updates worth of your attention.

– Starting with this great tweet by the writer of Jane Got A Gun.

– Next up, Ryan Gosling talks about Terrence Malick in this new article. He says that the Untitled Malick film didn’t have a script and that every day was “unlike anything”.

– Finally, it seems Chris O’Dowd is in Thor 2 afterall. There was a rumour months ago, based on a couple tweets, but when I asked my source if he was part of the cast I got a negative in response. I don’t know whether his appearance was not planned (apparently it is just a cameo) but we got that one wrong, sorry.


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  • AMSSERME says:

    Happy to have you back,Dazza!

  • AMSSERME says:

    Wow!Terrence Malick editing five movies at the same time? I hope he doesn’t cut any of Natalie’s scenes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well Brian once upon a time Natalie was calling me a “jerk” and she was right now that I see things back then. So I wouldn’t post this in my twitter because she is usually right in what she says…;-)

  • Anonymous says:

    There are many things that can make you go mad and upset. There are many things though that can make you feel wonderful. If you stick to the things and people that make you feel mad you have lost life. If you start accussing and wasting your time on them you also loose. Them wasting their time on you means you are someone worthwhile. Them trying to disreputize you without a reason make them look like as candidates for the psychiatrist or at least no serious person will pay any attention because it is a personal vendeta and a clever person will understand that what they do is out of personal hatred to you that has nothing to do with any kind of order of things. So in other words look at the bright side in life and neglect the sewer. Why do you want to waste your time smelling it. Beats my mind…

  • doesthepoohdance says:

    Dazza was robbed
    Dazza was insured
    Dazza will blog again!

    Happy Easter!