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I have a bit of time so here’s a quick mini updates roundup for you guys.

– It’s almost a decade since Zach Braff directed the critical and commercial hit, Garden State. It’s a bit perplexing that he hasn’t followed it up yet, but it sounds like that might change…if his Kickstarter campaign is a success. Zach wants creative control and thinks he won’t get that without studio independence, which is hard to believe given the success of Garden State but there you go.

– Lynne Ramsay still hasn’t given her side of the Jane Got A Gun story, but she will be attending Cannes as one of the jury members – a role Natalie has also served in the past. I’m sure reporters will try and get some quotes, but I suspect they won’t be successful.

– Finally, Stefan found this really cool gif from the Thor 2 trailer.