Through The Abyss

The title of the Shirin Neshat short film has been revealed in this new German Interview magazine piece with Neshat. She confirms the suspicion that the short film is for a Dior video installation and adds that the film is about a woman losing her mind.

Sounds interesting…although it could just as easily be awful. No clues on when we might get to see it though.

NESHAT: I just cut a video that I shot with Natalie Portman, then I turn back to my photographic works to which are concerned with something else, and then I prepare another new feature film before. I do not even know how that’s going to do one thing. But I hardly know people who just – let’s say – are authors. I like the variety.

INTERVIEW: What is a video with Natalie Portman?

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NESHAT: There is a video installation for Dior titled “Through The Abyss”. No advertising film, but a short, about ten minutes almost silent film. A working between dream, fantasy and fiction with a woman who suffers a nervous breakdown.

INTERVIEW: What hope does not describe your current state of mind. What appeals to the jury work?

Thanks to Angelina!