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Dare Me

Coach Natalie? Do we have another new project on the horizon? Deadline are reporting that Natalie is “being courted” for the role of (presumably) the coach of a High School cheerleading squad. But before you get Bring It On flashbacks (actually what am I saying, that film was awesome), the project, which is based on a novel of the same name, is described as Heathers meets Fight Club. Apparently this is quite a dark and twisted view of the cheerleading world.

The director is Michael Sucsy (unfortunate name that), whose only feature film was the pretty successful The Vow. It seems he directed that pilot for Scruples, that Natalie was producing, so I guess there’s a connection there. The writer is the author of the novel, Megan Abbott.

The Playlist has a breakdown of the novel’s plot, if you want to dig a bit deeper. In the meantime, I’ll try and contact my source to find out if this has any merit.

Thanks to Maribel and Shoe89.

UPDATE – Heard back from our source and it’s legit and it’s the lead role. Natalie is thinking it over.