I Wish I Was A Baller

As lovely as Natalie’s appearance was at the LA Dance Project benefit gala (note that Rachel has added lots of great photos to the album), this write up from the event is probably even more enjoyable.

They talk about how happy Natalie looks with Benjamin and how supportive they are of each other, but then we get to the really good stuff.

Later in the evening, Portman hit the dance floor with Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones. “She and Natalie were both super into the music,” the source shared, “and having a fantastic time.”

Portman briefly left the dance floor to recruit more people to join them, but the ladies were doing find on their own! “They were dancing together and laughing, and even broke out some partner dance moves,” explained the eyewitness. “They both sang along to ‘I Wish I Was A Baller’ as they danced.”

If ever we needed a video to surface…

Thanks to Shoe89