Heat 2: The Shoehorn

I finally have some time and it’s been a pretty busy week of interesting Natalie news, so let’s kick out a few updates.

The biggest news of the week (tongue firmly in cheek) was Val Kilmer’s appearance on Larry King’s Hulu talk show. Val pitches his idea for a sequel to the crime masterpiece, Heat. His take is that he has now married Natalie’s character, as a way to get back at the stepfather character, played by Al Pacino. A little reminder, Val looked like this in Heat. And Natalie looked like this.

Creeptastic. Let’s kickstart this sucker!

You can view Val’s pitch at the one minute mark of the clip below. If that doesn’t work you can view it on youtube or install Hola Unblocker for Google Chrome and these US only vids will always play.