Yesterday I started working on the Rumoured Projects page, which is in a really bad need of an update. I want to get it fully up to date over the coming days, but need your help not to forget any films that Natalie has been linked to. So if you have a good memory, fire off some reminders in the comments.

I’ll be doing the same for the Dropped Projects page so feel free to post reminders for that as well.



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  • Jack says:

    – The Counselor (rumoured)
    – Gravity (declined)
    – The Grand Budapest Hotel (Dazza, didn’t you say Wes wanted Natalie for this?)

    • Dazza says:

      Already on dropped project list…I think I need to merge the two pages or come up with a plan.
      Yes indeedy

  • Joe Schmo says:

    Dazza, sure yoou’ve got these already but here’s whats on the IMDB page under “Projects in Development”:
    Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry
    Eating Animals
    Dare Me
    Best Buds
    A Tale of Love and Darkness

    IMDb page for Handomecharlie Films lists 6 in development but you need an account to view.

    Joe “A Hard Day’s Night” Schmo.

  • Amy says:

    Gone Girl (declined?)
    Code Name Sasha
    Last Witness
    Jupiter Ascending (rumor)