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By August 27, 2013Nat-news

Kitten has found a few new photographs of Natalie during her travels in Rwanda in 2007 on photojournalist David Kawai’s blog. The photos in this set are from June 30th 2007, when Natalie took part in the third annual gorilla naming ceremony.



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  • Adonis says:

    If you think the country in which Natalie was (Rwanda bloody civil war, etc) you can already say that it certainly is not without danger in this country …. but so is this crazy world, unfortunately.
    I think it’s really great that Natalie has promoted the protection of the endangered mountain gorillas

  • Is thee still a war in Rwanda? I thought the uttus and tutssis were a little more peaceful. The whole massacres started with the French in particular (hum Mitterrand) who sold weapons to both conflicting sides. I still admire her for her courage. I would personally love to visitAfrica.

  • Adonis says:

    I’m talking about earlier – in the nineties was the great slaughter of these two ethnic groups …… and I do not think that they are friends now ….
    Natalie was just there. Protection and for the receipt of the last mountain gorillas in this country, and not for a peace mission
    And whether it is safe in this country today – I do not believe it.