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By September 13, 2013Nat-news

I’ve updated the gallery with a new-old photo of Natalie and Mila Kunis attending a Q&A at the BAFTA Los Angeles screening of Black Swan in November 2010. Thanks to Kitten for the find!


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  • Adonis says:

    Mila Kunis is really very attractive, but my favorite actress is Natalie and remains – forever …

  • Josh says:

    Beautiful ladies, but Natalie outshines Mila in beauty and talent in my opinion.

    • Mel_M says:

      I’m not familiar with Mila or what she is capable of, but Black Swan was Natalie’s movie all the way. Her performance was stunning and head & shoulders above that of anyone else. Natalie immersed herself in an outstanding role, and those don’t come along every day.

  • Mel_M says:

    Natalie’s performance in Black Swan is on my very short list of super performances by actresses. The reason for it is the psychological detail of her persona of a woman having to deal with severe mental illness and the pressure to attain, in her work, a standard way beyond where she’d ever been. I’ve wondered if Natalie’s psyc degree maybe helped her a little. Two other performances I think of in the same way are Jodie Foster in The Accused and Charlize Theron in “Monster.” Anyway, I’d even like to see Natalie attempt to present an authentic psychopath on the screen (like described in the book “Without Conscience”–by Hare). It’s very rarely attempted, but with her capacity for psychological subtlety, I think she’d be able to make it work. If she doesn’t do it, maybe Dakota Fanning will get it done; so far as I know, she’s studying psychology at NYU.