Rouge Video

Below we have a really nice video about the history of Rouge Dior, which has a short but cool Natalie appearance/mention towards the 2 minute mark. Thanks to Eden Liao for the find.

I have to say though, and this is something I’ve been wanting to bring up for awhile now, I think the styling and shots used in the new Rouge Dior campaign are quite poor. Surprisingly so, to the extend that I feel maybe I just don’t “get it”. It feels almost like a work of satire. For instance…

Is this really the best shot? What’s up with her hair?

Unflattering jeans. Looks like she’s just arriving to set.

Really not a great fit, from the waist up I’m okay with it though.

Ridiculous hair. Awkward pose.

Crazy hair. Awkward bag clutch. Poor product display.

The shot on the left almost works. Just can’t get over those jeans.

The only shot I actually like is the one on the right below. Not ruined by styling and jeans.

Simple but effective.