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This first tidbit probably should have been it’s own post…

– Natalie’s directorial debut, A Tale Of Love And Darkness, is really glow to blow open a new chapter of her career. The production is set to film early next year but as the producer, writer and director, Natalie can’t kick her heels until then.

So it’s no surprise to learn that she is currently in Israel working on the script…presumably the shooting script. No doubt she’s also location scouting and doing all the other box ticking work that has to get done before filming begins.

– Gravity is the project from recent years, that Natalie was linked to, that hurt the most when someone else got the role. But if director Alfonso Cuaron is to be believed, the rumour might have been somewhat exaggerated.

“The casting carousel was just amazing Internet gossip,” he says with a laugh. “Suddenly, a casual coffee with someone becomes a deal. With Natalie [Portman], I had a conversation with her for one day, and it’s not like we got into offers or any of that stuff.”

– Finally, the coffee artist tackles the new Elle cover.


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