This is my last update before I leave. As I mentioned previously, Rachel and Kitten will keep the Natalie news flowing and I should still be able to do updates from time to time, so nothing should change all that much.

Here are a few tidbits to sign off with.

– David Poland posted a Facebook update from main producer of Jane Got A Gun, Scott Steindorff.

“All that pain and difficulty on Jane Got A Gun just paid off. Gavin turned in a beautiful cut of movie.”

– We’ve seen Natalie back on the cover of a magazine, there are a ton of premiere appearances coming and now the first TV appearance confirmation – The Graham Norton show in the UK.

– The musician on the Shirin Neshat short, Illusions & Mirrors, made a brief Tumblr post about it.

I crawled out the underground for a moment to collaborate with Shirin Neshat, Natalie Portman, and Darius Khondji on the film “Illusions & Mirrors,” commissioned by Dior. WTF, right? On November 12th, the film will be released at The Grand Palais in Paris. Your ragged rambling man did the music and sound design to this beatific art installation.