Thor 2 NYC Screening

By November 7, 2013Featured-news, Nat-news

Though she was a no-show at the big L.A. premiere, Natalie attended a special screening of Thor: The Dark World hosted by The Cinema Society And Dior Beauty at 79 Crosby Street, followed by an after party at The Marlton in New York City last night. Like Kitten, I’m loving the darker hair, but the unflattering Dior top is sort of baffling…


Photos courtesy of JustJared. I’ll be adding a lot more later on, so check back in a few hours.


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  • El says:

    She is so beautiful here 🙂 And she also reminds me Keira K. here, maybe because of the darker and shorter hair. they are so similar.

    • Val says:

      I also thought of Keira, who cut her hair also quite recently.
      Nat looks beautiful, but this top and the dress she wore for Letterman… this feels like 2010-2011 deja vu, when she started wearing loose clothing, once her pregnancy started showing…

  • Natness says:

    This is the first time I´m saying it, but i really do not like her look here. It´s extremely unflattering: she looks old and fat…

  • Kitten says:

    @ Val, HollywoodLife already did a post about Natalie wondering if she was pregnant, and they reached out to Natalie’s rep who denied it, it says source, but before they heard back they said they had reached out to Natalie’s reps to query it, the response was

    She is “100% not” pregnant, a source told ”With exception to the bustier,” Natalie has showed off her figure in other styles!

  • omgzrachel says:

    Is HollywoodLife even serious? She was wearing a dress cinched at the waist just a few days ago. Is she suddenly 6 months pregnant (I mean, if we’re basing it on what she’s wearing… which looks like someone’s papier mache pregnancy belly cast after Raf Simons bedazzled it and called it a bustier)? 😛