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Here are a few mini news items to start the weekend…well, the first one is major-mini.

– We’ve been expecting some Jane Got A Gun news but were thinking more along the lines of a poster or trailer. No, instead we have the news that distributor Relativity has moved the film from it’s August 29th release date and will now be opening…errr…honestly, we have no idea yet. It could be good news if internally they consider the film might have some awards prospects. Or it may skip the awards season altogether and land early 2015.

Let’s hope that we get a new date soon because, seriously, we need a new Natalie film ASAP.

– NY Daily News has a little write up from that adorable new set of candids from Versailles.

“They aren’t exactly royalty, but Natalie Portman and her family were still treated to a royal day in the park of the Versailles castle in France over the weekend. Portman enjoyed a boat ride with her husband, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, and their 2-year-old son, Aleph, while touring the grounds and the Grand Canal. La belle vie!”

– The Black List is Hollywood’s annual back patting for the best scripts that have no been made into films yet. The Playlist has a nice breakdown of the best and worst Blacklist films, and it becomes clear that Natalie hasn’t had much luck with the Blacklist. While none of her films make the worst 10, there are three listed in the dishonorable mentions – The Other Boleyn Girl, No Strings Attached and Love And Other Impossible Pursuits. OUCH.

Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte.


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  • Nina says:

    Prayer circle for Jane!

  • Mike says:

    i’m starting to think jane doesn’t exist πŸ˜‰

    go natalie!!!!

  • AMSSERME says:

    Dazza-I suppose you meant early 2015.

    Anyway,I think it’s a good thing they hold the film to award season.It could also create buzz by the fact that this film had production trouble which no doubt will garner sympathy for Natalie and the film itself.If the film story is good,we may see Natalie walking the Red Carpet at Award Season πŸ™‚

  • Antienne says:

    I liked Love and Another Impossible Pursuit. At the same time I understand most of the reviews I read on. But I loved seeing Natalie in the role of a home-wrecking. Emilia’s character is the most antipathic she interpreted. And just for the audacity to break that unbearable flawless girl image of her, I say thank you God. She can stop being awesome few seconds after all.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I think “Your Highness” should have been added to that list. I also agree about “Love and Impossible Pursuits”/”The Other Woman”…it wasn’t one of her best, but it had some depth, was well-acted on her part, and was certainly better than “Your Highness”, which I think is probably one of her worst films to date.

    • Dazza says:

      It’s not about worst films, it’s about worst films that were previously on the black list. Your Highness is not a black list film.

  • NPyall says:

    Yes i agree with Antienne I really love The Other Woman, although i think the name was terrible the movie was very good. great actors all the way around.. How people hate on such great work is beyond me.

  • Belerofonte says:

    I agree. “Love and other impossible pursuits” is the most underrated and little known performance of her career. As for “Your Highness”, the film is a mess (especially by the character of Danny McBride, who is tiresome and irritating), but Natalie gives the character a wonderful madness that makes me think she could be very well in a good “crazy” comedy. All their sketches on Saturday Night Live were really good …

  • Antienne says:

    I can’t agree more with all of you guys. I watch the movie again. And I definitely don’t see why it is called a bad movie. OK, the difficulties of the director to make choices are obvious. But the performances are rock solid. So I don’t understand the bad press.

    Perhaps this is the curse of actors come from hugely popular TV shows that followed Lisa Kudrow on this project. Maybe this is the character of Emily (A Jewish New Yorker working-girl graduate from Harvard) too far from human-being or too close to Natalie for the critics to empathize with.

    I think the movie industry, which is essentially male industry what they say, can’t accept to see women in their human complexity. And want to lock them in stereotypes character with monolithic and available personality for the male interest. Girls should be more proud to that kind of movie.

    Remember The Professional who had been burned by critics in his time. 20 years later, you will not find anyone who saw this movie to qualify it bad.

    • Dazza says:

      Love chatting about films. You guys rock!

      I didn’t hate LOIP but it felt so minor key. There are some strong performances and scenes, but they never knit together to create a strong whole picture of these characters and their story. When I reviewed the film I compared it to Rabbit Hole which I had seen a few weeks prior. That film was lauded for it’s human complexity and the bleak and difficult subject did not hold it back. The difference is that film was made by someone at the top of his game. It was masterful. LOIP felt more like a very good TV movie. Just didn’t have as strong of a directors vision to make it truly powerful.

  • Antienne says:

    I agree again when you say it felt like a TV movie. I don’t see Rabbit Hole so i can’t compare. But this one abuses of the flashback narrative structure. A method widely used in Soap Opera and TV films to increase the drama. That’s why it gives the impression of seeing a TV movie. Which is clearly a bad choice here.

    This narrative method can give masterpieces : Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard , The barefoot Contessa , For a Few Dollars More, Once Upon a Time in the West, Reservoir Dogs, The Black Dahlia , Flags of our Fathers , but when it is not used by a great director. It just doesn’t work. I can’t blame the actors for that choice.

    The first time I saw this film, it also left me with mixed impressions . I didn’t understand if this film told the story of a woman trying to overcome the death of her baby. Or a woman who’s trying to normalize relations with his step-son after wrecking his home.

    If the story had followed a simple chronology. (Emilia former junior lawyer engage in a prestigious office => She meets a senior fellow, a married man, with a son => Have an affair with => Becomes pregnant => Home-wrecking => Step-son hate her (Everybody hate her) => Give birth to the baby => Baby dies => …)

    While the relationship between the characters would have been better woven. And the movie would be more watchable i think. Alas. It’s still a good script put into the wrong hands. The fact that they have not managed to agree on a title proves that he has been very poorly supported. The Other Woman. Love and Another Impossible Pursuits. 17 Photos of Isabel. In French version the title is “A winter in Central Park” which sounds a bit homeless.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion guys.