Jane Got A Gun is supposedly going to be released in less than 4 months. The troubled production, moved release date, lukewarm early reviews and lack of official promotional materials, all combine to create an air of “meh” amongst many Natalie fans. So it’s nice to have a slight silver lining from this interview with co-star on Jane, Joel Edgerton.

“But out of the fire has been forged this quite remarkable movie,” says Edgerton of the completed film, which Relativity will release in February. “There’s never been a mathematical equation that says a good experience making a movie equates to a good movie, or a bad experience on a set is going to lead to a bad movie. That’s the unquantifiable nature of moviemaking, and it means you’ve got to go in with the right intentions and hope that the ship is steered in the right direction by all of the different people pulling the ropes, so that you eventually land at the port you wanted to land at.

“At the end of the day, the movie will be judged for what it is, and I think it’s fucking great,” he muses. “Thank God, because I would have killed myself if I’d gone through all that and then the movie was terrible. I would have been so disappointed. How could I have gone through all of this and then been disappointed in the result?”

Thanks to Belerofonte.