November Calendar

By November 1, 2014Site-news

November is finally here and so is Ana’s fab Closer-themed calendar.



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  • Ashley says:

    Natalie Portman my birthday is coming its in November 26 Would you come to my birthday Jodey and Delace want to meet you I want to meet you my name is Ashley Peterson your fan

  • AMSSERME says:

    Hi Ashley,
    I don’t want to ruin your dream but I don’t think Natalie
    Would come to your birthday.By now Natalie must be in
    Paris with her family,since Benjamin must be directing the
    Paris Ballet.And I don’t believe Natalie will read our comments
    although she knows the exsistence of this website.But who knows?
    By the way congrats on your birthday Ashley.

  • Nina says:

    Happy Birthday Ashley!

    That photograph of Natalie in Closer is probably my favourite picture of her. On an unrelated note does anyone know what’s happening with Jane got a gun. Haven’t heard any news for a long time. I recently watched Lucy. I thought it was terrible and it made a lot of money so how bad could Jane be…it has to be better than Lucy which has to be the most nonsensical movie I’ve ever seen.