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Annihilation Fan Posters

Unfortunately, Annihilation did not have the opportunity to be seen in cinemas outside of North America and China. Even so, and almost inadvertently, Alex Garland´s sci-fi flick has been turning into a cult film, and one of Natalie’s most remembered recent movies. Proof of this is the amount of fan art that can be seen on social media a year after its release. These are just a couple of examples:


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Even More Annihilation Fan Art

It’s been a while since I saw so much creativity with a movie starring Natalie. Leon, V for Vendetta, Black Swan and the Star Wars prequels were the most loved by the fans so far, but I think Annihilation is next on this short list. Here we have a new batch of fan art seen on instagram and Tumblr in recent days:


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More Annihilation Fan Art

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Definitely, Annihilation is a movie that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, and is generating a lot of creativity and amazing fan art images in social media. These are just a few examples of this:


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Annihilation Fan Art

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Annihilation has been almost a week released on Netflix, and many of you will have occasion to see it. Natalie makes a powerful perfomance in it.

It is, without any doubt, a beautiful film, perhaps irregular and imperfect, but ambitious and with a powerful subtext, which has all the elements to become a cult film. The first step is usually the imagination of the fans, who gives free rein to their creativity in the form of a fan art. Here we have a few posters that show us:


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I've got a backlog of fanart to share with you guys. Let's start with a splash of colour from Edwin and then a pencil sketch from Juliette. I'll be posting…

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