Even More Annihilation Fan Art

By April 2, 2018Nat-news, News

It’s been a while since I saw so much creativity with a movie starring Natalie. Leon, V for Vendetta, Black Swan and the Star Wars prequels were the most loved by the fans so far, but I think Annihilation is next on this short list. Here we have a new batch of fan art seen on instagram and Tumblr in recent days:

Here’s the finished poster for the movie, Annihilation. Took me half a day to do this. It started off with just some loose ideas in the head but as I kept working on it, the idea took its shape. As always, what I envision it to be and how it turns out has a big gap but this time the gap is somewhat less deep, so I am glad for that. I do hope one day I complete the final poster exactly how I imagined it in my head. Also, I work on these in my free time and in a single stretch, so that the bread and butter work doesn’t cut the momentum while I am working on a personal piece. The movie is aesthetically and content wise a treat! Give it a shot. Beware of the gore in a couple of scenes though. You have been warned. #annihilation #annihilationmovie #alexgarland #movieposter #netflix #illustration #drawing #filmposter #posterdesign #fanart #personalproject #hollywood #procreateart #procreateappart #graphicdesign #natalieportman #oscarisaac

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