Natalie Releases Nichols Statement

By November 21, 2014Nat-news

Those fans who have been around for awhile will know how important Mike Nichols was to Natalie, so it’s no surprise that Natalie has released a statement about the director’s passing.


“He was the one who had the best words, the right hug for hard times, the funny comment to diffuse your pain,” Portman continued. “He saved me again and again. He was the best way to be a person and an artist. And the most, most fun. I send my deepest love to Diane, Jenny, Max, Daisy and their children, who filled his days with light.”


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  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    they just are a little off on her age. Natalie was just a teenager in Closer O_O 2001 vs 2004 …… fanatics are bound to get the dunce hat out. Thats probably news to her.. which would mean she just turned 30 this year. O_O ahem reminds me of the 4 year difference IMDB had with Monica bellucci. up until about 2008, they had her birth year listed as 1968. Then it went to 1964.

  • Ashley says:

    Natalie Portmsn did be good actress when she was teenager I felt she looks like me