A little of this. A little of that. That’s what it’s all about.

– Let’s begin with The Playlist’s new list of Cannes hopefuls. The other Terrence Malick film, Project V/Untitled, makes their list of 20 although they don’t sound too optimistic about it.

Given that he once went two decades between features, the idea of two Terrence Malick films premiering within four months seems patently absurd. But though a longshot, it’s feasible that “Knight Of Cups”’s Berlin bow could be followed by a trip to Cannes for its untitled follow-up, once titled “Lawless” and which was shot back-to-back with the other film (with which it may or may not be sharing characters; Bale and Blanchett, among others, shot scenes for both). Malick only just finished the film and also has IMAX documentary “Voyage Of Time” on his slate, so who knows what state this project is in. But if it is done, then you know Cannes would clear their schedule to screen it. This is definitely one of the wishlistier possibilities, but it’s not impossible.

– They have also speculated about the films that could be in the next Oscar race, and reckon that Knight of Cups could have an outside shot. They site strong reviews, which is weird considering they were largely lukewarm at best. This could change when released stateside but for now I reckon it’s a massive long-shot.

– Finally, a couple of Euro magazine sightings for Natalie. The images are not new and I’d imagine the same could be said for the articles, but nevertheless…

Natalie on Nouveau from The Netherlands
Natalie in Grazia from Italy

Thanks to Isadora and Dario.