With news flying in every direction I wanted to take this brief moment of quiet before the TOLAD reviews hit to post a few news items.

– First up, a couple videos of Natalie’s appearance for the opening ceremony at Cannes.

The second video is of the actual ceremony itself and can be viewed here with Natalie appearing “at 3’50 , 6’10 and after the short Benjamin Millepied ballet (from 10’02 to 14’20) at 14’20”. Thanks to Kornemuse for the links and info.

– Also thanks to Kornemuse for uploading the entire Le Monde M Magazine with the Natalie pictorial and interview. Any good quotes in there?

– Finally, the Guardian has a nice profile on Natalie, which ends with an interesting and sobering note.

Portman herself has recently indicated that her determinedly sober attitude to life as an adult star was inspired by something horrible and nameless that happened to a close friend in Israel in 2003, while she was in her senior year at Harvard. It convinced her, she said, that she had an obligation to do some good if she could.