Natalie news has died down a bit so let’s shuffle through another bag and pull out a couple mini news items.

– Natalie will be hosting a PBS airing gala (July 24th) celebrating composer John Williams.

– Lightscamerareaction reports a couple Malick-y items from Awards Watch. The first being a potential scoop that plans are afoot to play Knight of Cups and “Weightless” together at festivals. The other is a review of Natalie’s Knight of Cup performance which goes something like, “he looks lovely and smiles a lot and then looks crushed and lost and that’s kinda it.”

Doesn’t that sound amazing!


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  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    I can’t remember if she ever did a movie scored , composed conducted whatever with James Horner. He was my fav. John Williams would be number 2. James Horners emotions tended to show up in his music..