JGAG is shoved; Relativity is uncertain

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We have had a blast of news about Ryan Kavanaugh and his company Relativity’s financial woes. We knew the Natalie Portman western Jane Got A Gun was somehow going to be affected by Relativity’s uncertain circumstances. It appears that the Toronto based Catalyst Capital Group may not have officially signed on to help Relativity and that the news was merely a supposed report. With that in mind, who knows how much steadier things will be with Relativity and its staff.

It also doesn’t help that Kavanaugh and co. have missed their deadline. Investors gave Relativity an extension deadline for the company to get its act together. That time has just passed, and other investors are becoming weary of these repeating cycles with Kavanaugh. Reportedly, a wealthy investor even considered helping Relativity out just recently, only to jump ship after seeing the history of the company in depth. With Catalyst Capital Group’s uncertain deal and now this, Relativity is once again in a tight spot.

We finally have an official word on Jane Got A Gun, which was due to be released this September. It is definitely being pushed forwards yet again. Is anyone surprised, though? There has been a lack of promotion for a movie being released by a company that is trying to flex its muscles during a time where it should be depending on others for as much help as possible. The new release date is unclear, and so is Relativity’s fate.

An article on the matter can be reached here.

Thanks to Belerofonte for the heads up. Let’s hope for some better news in the near future.