Relativity Strikes Oil; New Fuel for JGAG?

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With the uncertain news about Relativity’s financial situation, the Natalie Portman Western Jane Got A Gun seemed doomed. However, there now seems to be some life within the company now with a possibly lucky strike. Toronto-founded Catalyst Capital Group are exactly what they sound like, and they have given Relativity $320 million to work with. This sum is to both get rid of the looming debt they have struggled with and to provide growth for the company for the near future.

CEO Ryan Kavanaugh is still in charge and has retained his role within the company. However, with this termination being resolved, he and the rest of Relativity still have to battle stilted production schedules and previous debt collecter woes. Kavanaugh has publicly had problems with Colbeck Capital, and until these debts are resolved, Relativity still has to answer to them. With a possible payment extension planned, maybe this, too, shall pass. However, with Colbeck’s full circle come around, hopefully we are not witnessing the start of another cycle with Catalyst Capital Group.

With Jane Got A Gun’s release date still fixed as a movie due within the next months, we still haven’t had much of a peep about this release. It has been pushed again and again. Maybe with Relativity’s slow comeback, we can be hopeful about hearing more news about this film. It’s possible that it can be pushed yet again. At least there is a smidgen of hope, now.

The full details can be read here.

Thank you Belerofonte for this possible shred of hope for JGAG’s future!