Relatively Bad Sign for JGAG

By June 30, 2015Nat-news

Relativity has had a financial struggle that is becoming somewhat of a confusion the past few days. As the story develops, it has become self contradictory as well. Essentially, Relativity has been issued ten days to fix their financial woes, as lenders have started to flex their muscles with their authority over any business decision Relativity is due to make. This sounds like the bottom of the barrel, but it also feels like the final fight to get things moving.

Or so it seemed, before Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh and his representatives countered this headline shortly after. Both Kavanaugh and his reps have discredited this ten day mission and have gone on to say that they are nearing in on a deal with their lenders.

Supposing this is true, Relativity will finally (hopefully) be able to get their films underway. However, given the company’s track record, this feels more like a light affirmation to cloud the present problems and insist that all is okay. This is never a fun speculation to have, especially when it comes to the health of a number of films (The Crow, Hunter Killer, and, of course, Jane Got a Gun, to name a few).

An article on the matter can be found here.

Thank you to Belerofonte for the article. Let us hope that this Natalie Portman Western eventually picks up, but it is all but a ghost town waiting to be occupied at this point.

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  • Nina says:

    It seems unlikely Jane will be released in August considering we don’t have a poster or trailer yet. I’m wondering how this effects the release date in other countries.

  • Steve says:

    First news post from Andreas. Thanks for stepping up to mic!

  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    can’t remake the Crow thats like a massive bomb waiting to happen circe The compass circle . offend everyone.

  • Jordy says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. Yes let’s hope that Jane’s got a gun will make it to the screen by september

  • piter says:

    Always remember to keep the books in order
    and taxes per day
    I sleep just so happy…….. 😀