Relativity’s Final Hour?

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So this could be it. We have posted the constant struggle with Relativity’s financial state and its relation to the Natalie Portman Western Jane Got A Gun a number of times here. In fact, most of what I have covered here as a new writer is how Ryan Kavanaugh and crew have been battling the media and their debts. It appears that I may be covering new content in the near future, and it isn’t because these debts are going away.

It’s because Relativity may be.

First off, we have an article that goes into how the various partners that Relativity has are now threatning to back away. This includes Sony Pictures and even The Weinstein Company, who are also helping distribute JGAG. The fear these companies have comes from the broken promises attached to Kavanaugh and the possibility that Relativity cannot eliminate their debts in time (by the end of the month, which is now looming). These can both be attached to the likely outcome that the films affected by these burdens will continue to be pushed and not make the theatrical presence needed to make money back. While Sony Pictures and The Weinstein Company have yet to reply, we may be hearing from them soon.
That article is here.

Secondly, we have an article that says that Relativity could face bankruptcy claims by Wednesday. That day is tomorrow, so we may have less than 24 hours to find out if Kavanaugh has managed to seal the deal or if he will finally admit defeat.

What does this mean for the movies involved? To quote the article with its clear cut answer:

There are are several scenarios for what happens if Relativity goes into bankruptcy. Lenders could get their money back by selling the company, or they could end up owning Relativity and appointing new leadership. And Kavanaugh could still buy the company back if he finds a new equity partner.

Insiders say if lenders restructure the company and provide a cash infusion, many of the films could still be released by Relativity.

There can be a resolution for the affected movies, and maybe for Kavanaugh himself. However, the dismal future of Relativity is seeming more and more real as the weeks go on.
That second article is here.

Thank you to Belerofonte for these two sources. Ladies and gentlemen, start crossing your fingers.