Natalie Portman ranks in Forbes’ list again

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It’s that time of year again, where Forbes magazine releases their list of the most financially powerful people on Earth within that 365 day time frame. This year’s list of the richest actresses is topped with women that should hardly be a surprise to anyone. Jennifer Lawrence landed first place with an estimated fortune of 52 million dollars earned last year. With all of the successful films she has been in, including the lucrative Hunger Games series, this seemed likely (she also beat last year’s winner, Sandra Bullock, by one million). Following her are The Avengers‘ own Black Widow Scarlett Johansson (over 35 million), the comedic game changer Melissa McCarthy (23 million), Chinese superstar Bingbing Fan (21 million) and American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston in fifth (over 16 million).

A pleasant surprise was Natalie Portman, earning her place at 18th this year. After a slow year cinema wise, it’s nice to see Portman being recognized. Maybe she made the list with her Dior deal and other ventures. Nonetheless, Portman has a bigger year ahead of her, with her huge Tiff outing (to conduct her Soiree and accompany her film A Tale of Love and Darkness) and two long awaited films to (possibly) give her a boost (A Knight of Cups and Jane Got A Gun).

A bigger list is here. Congratulations to all who made the list, including our very own Natalie Portman! Thanks to Belerofonte for the news.