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The festival season is about to kick off and with Natalie heading to TIFF we should have quite a lot of news on the way. Until the big stuff, here are some smaller news items.

– You like us, you really like us! I’m proud to say that we hit 100k likes on our Facebook page yesterday. Considering we only set up the page a few years back, that’s not too bad at all. If Natalie doesn’t get her ass in gear this could be on the list of Best News of the Year in next year’s Charlie Awards.

– There is a new interview with Natalie in Greater Paris magazine (its a free download). Nothing too remarkable but I quite liked this blurb.

Ever since I was a little girl, my motto has always been to stay true to myself. Whether it’s playing Princess Padme Amidala in Star Wars or a young revolutionary in V for Vendetta, I strive to ensure that the feelings my characters portray onscreen reflect who I really am deep down. That’s why I truly love cinema, it gives me the incredible opportunity to discover myself a little more with each new role.

– Finally, how amazing are these Mondo vinyl covers for the Black Swan soundtrack?


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