Natalie Talks ATOLAD in Israel

By September 3, 2015Nat-news

TIFF is around the corner, and so is the North American introduction to Natalie Portman’s first work as a director. Her film A Tale of Love and Darkness is deeply connected to her Israeli roots, and she had taken the time to open up about her personal project.


She talked to Yedioth Ahronoth about Israel, her new film, motherhood, politics and all of that good stuff.

Thank you to Belerofonte for this goodie. You can also find another new photo on Instagram here.

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  • cherryvanilla says:

    Just a little something I noticed in your posts! You could detract the ”Portman” last name when you talk about Natalie. Since we’re all fans here and visiting her site, we know its about Natalie Portman. IMO it makes the posts too formal, like they’re on a news site that has nothing to do with our Natalie. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to Dazza’s style all these years, but I think other visitors would agree!
    Just a little observation for you to have in mind, don’t mean to sound rude! You’re doing an amazing job otherwise!!

    • Dazza says:

      I’ve been posting for 15 odds years so thousands of updates. Phoning it in doesn’t even come close to have casually I approach updates now, so I think it’s nice to have a different voice. Rachel’s is also more professional. The “Portman” thing is a bit weird though 😀

  • cherryvanilla says:

    Obviously meant for a site post by Andreas, not you Dazza! Wrong post obviously! haha

  • Winter12Winter13 says:

    I disagree with cherryvanilla, I like Andreas’ posts – they are thourogh and direct. Andreas also finds information I haven’t seen elsewhere whereas the trend has been the news here I had already seen a day prior on IMDB or Google. Posts from other moderators are too opinionated and sarcastic – the forums are for your options.

  • Winter12Winter13 says:

    TYPO: the forums are for opinions*

  • jesslv74 says:

    With only Natalie, it could be taken as being too informal because we don’t have a close relationship with her. I never noticed which name was used by Dazza vs Andreas, but either way is fine with me! The title of this story just has Natalie in the though.

  • AngelinaBenedetti says:

    I think Andreas writing style is completely fine!

  • Rory Paul says:

    Yedioth is notoriously anti-Netanyahu. I don’t imagine it’s a coincidence Natalie doing her interview with them.

  • Russell Willes says:

    I am curious about this film because it was written by an Israeli author.

  • Jordy says:

    I don’t care too much for all these goings on. Maybe I’m too selfish…I just don’t get it (English or Hebrew).. I feel I’m missing out on Natalie and nothings changing… I do understand that smile that pops up every now and then. maybe it’s too personal of a note but how else can I get it out…

  • cherryvnilla says:

    Just to clarify! The only remark I made had to do exclusively with the use of the ”Portman” last name from Andreas. I didn’t critisize his writing style or the stuff he updates us with. I like his posts and his research on everything he chooses to write about. All I said was that the use of the ”Portman” surname makes his posts seem too formal, especially in contrast with all the previous site updates from Dazza & Rachel all these years, which never referred to Natalie as ”Natalie Portman” every time they mentioned her – on her site, no less! 😀 That is all!

  • Winter12Winter13 says:

    I suppose it’s the difference between a news source and a fan site. I like to think of as a specialized news source with the occasional fun poll or cute comic. However I don’t participate in the forum which certainly is a component of a fan site. Keeping the “Portman” in a posting is more akin to a news source – one that could be sourced from here by another site/paper/etc. All in all we are splitting hairs.

  • Mikala says:

    Shades of blue’s lead march 19th stayed true in Ellie Saab’s romper