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It’s been a pretty great start to the year for Natalie news. Let’s try and keep that going with some mini news items.

– More encouraging news about Annihilation, the director Alex Garland seems intent to make it more than the typical action sci-fi. “Atmosphere and tone over structure and plot” and “impressionistic mood poem” sounds right up my alley.

– A very deep review of Knight of Cups that is positively rapturous about the film.

This poetry is a resistance and a provocation within contemporary cinema. It speaks a nostalgia for a world full of spirit(s). But also, in one or two key shots, a nostalgia for the aquarium of magical fauna that lit up childhood. We forget to our detriment this essential quest in Malick – those eyes which dream up watery nymphs here, or dinosaurs and a levitating mother elsewhere. The meanders of Knight of Cups belong to those who have opened their eyes for the first time to a world that, through habit, they usually screen out.

– Finally, I’ve been coming around on Jane Got A Gun but this new clip from the film is a bit cringe-y. What do you think?


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  • Rachel says:

    It was cringey in the trailer, but I was hoping that was due to the editing. Nope, still cringing.

  • Natness says:

    Very cool

  • Deborah Robinson says:

    I love and enjoy Natalie Portman in all her movies, I think she is a great actress, but I was wondering, have you ever thought about making a sequel to the movie “the professional” just some food for thought, In that movie, “Leon” taught her how to be a “cleaner”, but how about taking that experience an adding some type of continuance to it of her becoming a “bad” hit woman or whatever, I think it would be great! Just some food for thought, Natalie?

  • namor12a says:

    :She was holding it wrong…the revolver…Rabbits are fast so she is better with the rifle…