JGAG New York Premiere

By January 27, 2016Featured-news, Nat-news

The Jane Got a Gun promotion train is running at full speed now, and Natalie is attending the Weinstein Company’s New York premiere this evening. Hit the preview to view her arrival at the gallery; we’re adding them as we get them!

JGAG New York Premiere


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  • Nina says:

    For the two people that care Natalie is wearing Valentino Resort 2016, but her dress has lining. I think she looks really pretty. I’m liking the less drab direction her last two premier looks have been going in.

    • Rachel says:

      I like her hair and the dress, but I think her MUA should have picked either a bold lip or a smokey eye and not done both (rookie mistake!). She looks a bit spooky/goth.

      • Dazza says:

        She does look a bit goth and I’m LIKING IT.

      • Arianna says:

        I agree with you, she probably just should’ve done the bold lip and light eye makeup. Her dress is a little weird, but it looks pretty good on her, and her hair is gorgeous.

  • C├ędric42 says:

    the dress is not beautiful I find, thank you pictures

  • natness says:

    A touch of Rooney Mara.

  • Nina says:

    I don’t mind that she has bold lipstick and smokey eyes- I think she pulls it off. I think she she looks good with the bold lipstick. I’m guessing it’s Dior lipstick- does anyone know what colour it is?

  • Nannina says:

    So glad she’s wearing Valentino. I think that house is a much better fit for her than Dior. She looks great.

  • Aurore L. says:

    I really like this outfit ! It’s so nice to have all this appearances, interviews, to much time happened without nothing. I’m just sad that Ewan have not done a promotion, I would love to have pictures of him and Natalie.

  • edenLiao says:

    she looks great in Valentino!
    I hope Ewan was there too.