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We’re back with some more mini Natalie news items. Dig in!

– Let’s kick off with the box office and despite being one of the more robust holds during the week, Jane Got A Gun fell off a cliff this weekend. Granted, with such a poor first weekend we’re talking a pretty short fall. Speaking off planting face first into the dirt, many moons ago Natalie was to star in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It was to be written and directed by David O’Russell, but he dropped out and went on to become the Oscar darling of the last few years. Natalie dropped out soon after and there was a string of directors coming on board and then exiting.

The film was finally released this weekend and it’s another “why did they even bother?” with a massively underwhelming box office take.

– Next up, a new German Knight of Cups clip has arrived with Natalie and Christian Bale having some fun on a pier.

– Speaking of Knight of Cups, here are a couple very positive reviews for the film – Theology and Movies and Podcasting The Softly.


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  • fanatical610 says:

    Ha, she would’ve had 2 duds on consecutive weekends had she persevered with acting in PPZ. Honestly she’s like the antithesis of the Midas touch right now.

    • Dazza says:

      Well PPZ might have done a lot better with an A lister in the lead. Aside from maybe her first three films, I don’t think Natalie has ever had an extended run of hits.

      • AMSSERME says:

        Leon,Beautiful Girls and Heat.But Dazza you are forgetting the Star Wars Prequels who made a tons of money and were hits,although the critics and fans hated it.And what about Black Swan it was also a hit and won Natalie her only Oscar.V For Vendetta was also a successful film.Garden State could have been a big success if it wasn’t a indie film.Closer gave Natalie her first Golden Globe award.So yes,Natalie has had films that has been hits but others that has failed due to the cast or bad role choice on her part or poor promotion by the studios as has been the case of Jane Got A Gun.

        • Dazza says:

          Please re-read my comment. “extended run of hits”

          And no, I wouldn’t count SW as hits. Black Swan, Closer, V, Garden State – yes, but they were broken up by films that were not hits. Hence my use of “extended”.

          • AMSSERME says:

            OK.Got your point, and yes, you are right about Natalie not having consecutive hits.But I would count Star Wars Prequels because Natalie was one of the main stars in the films.

          • Dazza says:

            Sure, I just personally wouldn’t consider them hits. For me it’s to do with expectations, critical consensus at the time, lasting impression, box office, etc. I think the prequels are largely viewed as failures, despite obviously massive box office. I’d say the same for Transformers, films that make huge amounts of money but which hardly anyone seems to like.

  • AMSSERME says:

    Frankly,Natalie didn’t miss nothing by not acting on PPZ.By the look of the trailer PPZ is a crappy film. Jane wasn’t given too much promotion.It seems the film distributers had lost faith in the film and did nothing to promote it or raise interest in it.It’s the only way it can explain the film bombing at the Box Office.Too bad for Natalie.

  • Natness says:

    Natalie is mesmerizing

  • Franchesca lozano says:

    People say I look you alot im on facebook franchesca…. also known as angelina