In Depth Look At Annihilation

I don’t think this has been posted yet. It is a fascinating look at the Annihilation novel and the prospects of the filmed adaptation. The hints of psychological horror and comparisons to Alien have me really excited, but while it’s a great read and doesn’t dig into major plot points, it might be something you’ll want to skip if you are worried about spoilers.

Here is a mildly spoiler-y excerpt that mentions Natalie.

The novel is told in first-person past-tense from the perspective of the Biologist. Her perspective is powered by hindsight, but it also becomes clear that she may not be the most reliable narrator as the story progresses. There’s no doubt that Portman will absolutely nail the Biologist’s unraveling mental state (see Black Swan) but it will be interesting to see to what degree the film allows us to get inside her head and to understand her unique perspective on human beings.

Are you looking forward to Natalie returning to crazytown as much as I am?