Upcoming Film Tidbits

Today’s tidbits are all about upcoming Natalie films. It’s great to have so many interesting projects on the way and hopefully one or two new Natalie classics among them.

– According to this insider, a Terrence Malick film will probably be playing the Venice International Film Festival. Will it finally be Weightless, the Ryan Gosling starring music scene film that shot directly after Knight of Cups? Or will it be Malick’s A Voyage of Time?

Adriano De Grandis, usually well informed on behind-the-scenes negotiations and the selection of Venice’s La Mostra writes in Padua’s Il Gazzettino: “Almost secure the attendance of [a] Terrence Malick [film]”. In his opinion or according to his informations, it would be WEIGHTLESS.

– Five minutes of Jackie was screened in Italy to distributors, one of which had this encouraging synopsis:

Protagonist of the film is the radiant Natalie Portman, who after a few minutes of trailer is not difficult to imagine among the 2017 Oscar candidate for best actress.

– And finally, in more upcoming Natalie film news, it looks like Planetarium had a recent screening.