Natalie to star in HBO miniseries

Natalie will star and produce a miniseries with Marta Kauffman, called We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves at HBO, according to Deadline.

The series, based on the book by Karen Joy Fowler, is a twisty tale centered on university student Rosemary Cooke (Portman), whose complex and unusual upbringing is marred by the unexpected disappearance of a “twin sister” at the age of 5. Christopher Monger, the Emmy nominated co-writer of HBO’s Temple Grandin, is penning the TV adaptation, with Homeland and Tyrant co-creator Gideon Raff on board as executive producer alongside Portman and Okay Goodnight’s Kauffman and Robbie Tollin. Okay’s Hannah KS Canter is co-producer.


This is the first significant role of Natalie in TV in her acting career, so we followed the subject with interest…


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  • Brian says:

    Weird. She’s too old to play a college student.

  • sam says:

    there is no age limit to be a university student. it looks awesome project

  • Adonis says:

    Too old for a student role, I do not think. Because Natalie has a big advantage over many of her age. She looks very young , much younger than her age .

  • Rory Paul says:

    Funny how nobody baulked when Natalie was cast as the sister of someone nearly twenty years her junior in Planetarium. And now she’s apparently “too old” to play a college student…

  • natness says:

    That´s because siblings can differ in age…

  • natness says:

    If Sean Connery can play Harrison Ford´s father, Natalie can play Lily Rose´s sister 😉

  • natfan says:

    Keep in mind the show is just based on the book. They could easily alter a number of details including making her a graduate student or not even a student at all. Either way, I am excited to see her foray into TV.

  • cherryvanilla says:

    I’ve read the book a while ago and if I remember correctly it spans over a few years so age is not an issue.
    Also be careful about spoilers because this is not a usual sister tale…Let’s say it’s a perfect fit for Natalie because it resembles a project she did long ago and it’s something she’s passionate about.

  • Kitten says:

    Yes the original articles about the project said about the “sister” but not the article you posted above, so obviously that part was a spoiler that was quickly removed.