The Guardian interview

And more interviews on the occasion of ATOLAD release this week. This time for The Guardian. The article comes complete with a stunning Natalie photo:



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  • natness says:

    She looks stunning and stunned.

  • adela says:

    What she says of french people is mean and untrue. I’ve lived in Paris. People wear colors, sneakers, shorts etc… just like anywhere else, and noone gives a shit what other people wears in the street. She probably just stayed in the posh area and hasn’t seen all of Paris…

  • Love Natalie says:

    Boy, some days, I really feel like The Guardian is a crap paper. This is one of those days. What a mean-spirited, “let’s make it easy for the bullies” headline.

    I get the feeling with Natalie that she’s a people pleaser (I’m one too). Her Paris comments — she’s trying to appease the Americans who want to paint her like a snob for moving to France. Same goes for her “the less I’m in a movie” comment, which is the kind of sentiment I’ve seen from so many other actors including Meryl Streep, but probably not the best thing to say when you’ve just starred in your directorial debut.

    I feel like my generation needs to mature more and fully own our bad-assery. I think we’re still learning.

    She looks gorgeous as usual.