Release date for Jackie

Jackie finally has distributor and release date. After raced negotiations, Fox Searchlight get the film rights in the United States, and set a release date on December 9, according to Deadline:

It took two festivals for it to happen, but Fox Searchlight has finally closed a deal with LD Entertainment for U.S. rights to Jackie, the Pablo Larrain-directed drama that stars Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy. The film covers the days following JFK’s assassination in Dallas in 1963, as the grieving widow with two young and suddenly fatherless children tried to cement her slain husband’s historical legacy. FSL quickly set the film for a December 9 release. This adds another lauded movie to the Oscar race, and it is the first major studio deal for an acquisitions title since Toronto began last week.


I think they are going to be some exciting months for all Natalie fans…