Remember when Natalie dated musician, Devendra Banhart? What fun we had. And what fun they had too.

Well, the rocker was asked about the relationship in El Pais, and his answer, translated below, is incredibly sweet.

Being a very spiritual person, I was curious to know how you feel when you have a relationship with Hollywood star Natalie Portman and everything that entails. It is as if did not fit with what you are.

Of course not, that world does not correspond at all with what has value for me. That relationship had to do with the person. And the person was very, very, very intelligent, very beautiful, very sweet, very wise and very responsible. The only thing she cared about was her art, her work. And she shared the money saved with schools in Africa. It’s just … I almost start to mourn, [he shed tears]. Always affected me so much inspired me so much … I give you an example, so you see how amazing she is. In Hollywood, when someone is nominated for a major award, the tradition is to send gifts. expensive watches, jewelry, even cars. And she, even before I meet her and probably until today, was the rule that instead of giving gifts, they donate the money to charity. She makes it totally heart, not to be known. My relationship had to do with the person, everything that came with it not only did not mind, but I did not like at all. It was totally surreal and comical. When that relationship ended I did not feel I had lost access to an incredible world. All that universe did not matter at all.