That Time of the Year

The holidays are approaching at speed and I wanted to give a shout out to Belero and Rachel for keeping the ship afloat in recent months. More than that, I’d like to ask if you could give a small donation so that the two of them can get a holiday bonus. I say bonus but nobody is earning anything from the site, so if you appreciate all the work that goes into it, a few dollars for the holidays would be great.

As work has taken over my life, I initially felt incredibly guilty, but Belero is doing a better job than I ever did in keeping you all on top of the latest Natalie news. So I’m just as thankful as I’m sure you all are.

In another plug, I wanted to mention that a friend of mine, and a former community member, has self-published a book about her tragic relationship with an ex-boyfriend. I’m incredibly proud of her and if you’re interested in her heartbreaking story, take a look.