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Jackie interviews & articles


In recent days, Natalie has done several interviews on the occasion of the upcoming Jackie release. These are some of them…

-First, an interview with Entertainment Tonight, in which Natalie talks about fame, and what it means to be a mother:

EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Portman on ‘Jackie,’ Fame and Whether Baby No. 2 Will Be Her Awards Season Good Luck Charm

-Another interview in which she “used Paris terror attack to channel emotion for Jackie”:

Natalie Portman used Paris terror attack to channel emotion for Jackie

-An interesting THR article in which Natalie explains how she adopted that “Very Particular” voice for Jackie:

The Hollywood Reporter: How Natalie Portman Adopted That “Very Particular” Voice for ‘Jackie’

-And finally, an Indiewire article about how she looked past her own ‘Common Perceptions’ for her lauded role:

‘Jackie’: Natalie Portman Explains How She Looked Past Her Own ‘Common Perceptions’ for Her Lauded Role