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Finally it’s here: the Oscars ceremony is celebrated tomorrow, and we will know soon if Natalie or the film by Pablo Larraín obtain some of the awards in which the movie is nominated.

Unfortunately there are rumors that say Natalie may not be able to attend the ceremony because of her advanced pregnancy. Well… perhaps today we know for sure. This Saturday the Independent Spirit Awards are also celebrated, and Jackie is nominated in four categories, including Natalie for best actress.

However, Natalie’s chances have been declining in recent weeks, and the most likely winners are Isabelle Huppert in the Independent and Emma Stone in the Academy Awards.

Anyway, we’ll see if there’s any surprise about it. We’ll soon know…

Edit: it’s confirmed. Natalie will not attend both ceremonies due to pregnancy. This is the statement:

“Due to my pregnancy, I am unable to attend the Independent Spirit Awards and the Academy Awards,” says Portman in a statement. “I feel so lucky to be honored among my fellow nominees and wish them the most beautiful of weekends.”


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  • Rachel says:

    I’m so sad Natalie’s going to lose the Oscar to Emma Stone.

  • Brian says:

    Maybe when Emma wins Natalie makes a surprise appearance and hits her with a steel chair then gives birth over her knocked out body.

  • Nina says:

    This sucks, she was truly amazing in Jackie. Who knows when she’ll get a role like that again. I hope Jackie wins for score and costumes!

  • AMSSERME says:

    I’m not surprised that Natalie will not attend Academy awards.She knows she will not win the Oscar so no need to expose herself to unnecessary risk for herself due to her advanced pregnancy.It’s a sound decision on her part and I agree with Natalie.

  • Natness says:

    Natalie is terrific in “Jackie”. A nuanced, compelling, mature performance. I had my doubts when it was announced that she was cast in that role. I thought there was no resemblance whatsoever and that other actresses might do a better job. I was so wrong. A few seconds into the film I forgot that I was watching Natalie. As much as I like her as an actress – that hasn´t always been the case. She deserves the Oscar like no other this year. She won´t receive it, but I have already given her mine.

  • amo says:

    Hm, hope Natalie and her fetus/es aren’t having any health problems.

    Not attending just makes me think she’s having twins even more.

  • Namor12a says:

    If Natalie Portman wins The Oscars® and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) presents her (again) with The Academy Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance as an Actress, she would have to receive it via Skype or Video Conference…


    I’ve been a fan of Natalie since I watched the movie The professional. She already showed the world she came to. It certainly deserves oscar again!

  • How you are not coming Natalie Portman are you sick

  • v says:

    No surprise she isn’t attending, since we know she won’t win. It’s hard to not be bitter, tbh, since she did an amazing job in Jackie and truly deserved the awards she didn’t get. With another baby on the way we probably won’t see anything like this from her for some time again 🙁

  • AMSSERME says:

    @v-I hate to admit it,but you are right.It will be a very long time before Natalie can shine like she did in Jackie.Not only because of her break from film making after giving birth but also the role choices she may take in the future.