No Awards for Jackie

By February 26, 2017Nat-news, News

Unfortunately (as it was expected), Jackie hasn´t won any of the three awards it opted at the Oscars ceremony. Natalie, as announced yesterday, could not attend the gala … but she was one of the protagonists of a short humorous video. Here it is:

By the way, the final mistake in the best movie category has been really embarrassing…


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  • Natness says:

    Still waiting for the Emma Stone mistake announcement… 😉

  • Jo says:

    Natalie, you’ve lost all your connotations, to identify with the character, in temperament, in movements, in proceeding solemnly, in accent, in sweet and mellifluous voice… but this voice also breaks in tears and dryness.
    Spectacular framings: lost eyes, absorbed by music, intense, momentarily disoriented in a crowd, full of contained anger, overflowing with tears, in front of memory.
    You gave an image of Jackie full of facets, public and private, in your interpretation of the character: you read it and you went into it.
    This film is an elegant and complex portrait, made of torment, impatience, determination and resolve, hidden beneath the apparent fragility and composure: we can find the wife, the mother, not only of her children, but also of the American people, the “first lady “, the woman Jackie, the widow, who has already buried two children.
    You catalysed all my attention.
    You’re the best … thanks for all … and my best wishes for your new maternity!
    Kisses from Italy

  • sam says:

    me too i hope !!

  • Elin says:

    I’m still bummed she didn’t win. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Emma Stone, and I know musical performances are a hit at the Oscars (Les Misérables anyone?) but I honestly feel Natalie’s performance had a lot more depth. Oh well, hopefully she will see this a good reason to keep taking on projects with more meat to them.