Song to Song: Premiere and first reactions

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Finally, the film’s premiere took place at the Paramount Theater in Austin yesterday, and as expected, Natalie was unable to attend the event. Producer Sarah Green shared a note she received from the actress saying that she just had her baby and wasn’t able to get on a plane yet, but that making the film was an amazing experience. The rest of the main cast (Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Michael Fassbender), were there:

… As for the critical reception, the movie is following the same path as the last three films of the Texan filmmaker. “Boring”, “same schemes” and “self-parody” are the adjectives that are repeated over and over again in the first reactions and reviews. There are exceptions, of course, but it’s the same tonic as with Knight of Cups and To the Wonder last years. On a positive note, Natalie seems to shine every time she appears on the screen:

Variety: We’ve heard it all before: soul-sick characters, wide-angle vignettes, wispy poetic musings — this time set against the Austin music scene.

Of the characters beyond the initial love triangle in Malick’s too-white ensemble, Portman has the biggest part, and also the most powerful, owing not only to her character’s fate, but also the actress’s ability to take a slender, nearly dialogue-free role and make it feel fully rounded.

The Daily Beast: Ryan Gosling Serenades SXSW in ‘Song to Song’

It’s Portman, though, who gets to explode. As Fassbender’s paramour, she thrusts herself from struggling waitress to seductive vixen to startled and scared captive, addicted to the adrenaline provided by his lifestyle, his money, his sex, and his drugs.
It’s interesting to watch following her lead turn in Jackie, a masterful feat of control and calibration of pitch, body, and emotion in every scene of the film. She’s only a supporting player here, but it’s her role as collateral damage to a life lived song to song that leaves you momentarily silenced.

The Hollywood Reporter: This emotionally challenged romance gives more ammo to those who’ve turned on the revered auteur.

IndieWire: Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Michael Fassbender Unveil Terrence Malick’s ‘Song to Song’ at SXSW — Watch


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  • Nina says:

    I cant believe Natalie dyed her hair blonde for this movie. In the end her role seems quite thankless.

  • Aurore says:

    I’m really happy to see that once again, her performance is rewarded ! I can not wait to see it and especially the Fassbender/Portman scenes, my favorite male and female actor in the same film, it was a dream come true !

  • Namor12a says:

    :Company on the Malick cutting room floor: Terrence Malick has a storied history with actors, one that can only continue to get more thickety as his output increases, and as the casts for his films expand. But it was really only with 1998’s gorgeous hymnal to the brutalizing effect of war on nature and humanity, “The Thin Red Line,” that his propensity for entirely removing whole roles and performances found real expression, and since then the mythos of the roulette wheel one spins when accepting a role in a Malick film has only grown. It’s a little unfair — “The Thin Red Line” always had an enormous cast (it’s about a war, after all); many of those often referred to as having been cut never actually filmed a scene; and others had roles that were only ever going to be cameos removed. The key factor is that many of the affected actors on that film and since then have been very high profile, but again, Malick seems to attract big names in droves, so in droves they will fall by the wayside.