LA Times Article on Annihilation

By February 16, 2018Nat-news, News

Los Angeles Times has an excellent article/interview with Natalie, Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez about the film. It comes with a couple of great photos of them:


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  • Andy says:

    Time’s Up needs sustainable continuity plan and process, economical background, future plan with Swot analysis… but mainly law background.
    The traditions must be respected in order to the shift be smart. (precedency help in continuity)
    The line of agressivity cannot be stepped over in any directions either, that cannot be the answer.
    Maybe introducing a shame process may help. The shame ability need to be teached, not everybody heard about it.
    It needs brakes and “against weights” as well to avoid not required behaviours or false processes.
    She must know where to turn and don’t be her first think: It is my fault.